Monday, January 10, 2011

My Target deals with coupons!

If you think coupons are a waste of time, think again!
If you shop right you can get good deals.  You have to plan
ahead for the sales and look in the flyers.  Here is what I got on
my Target shopping trip Saturday. I spent a little over $15 for all this!

The coffee creamers normally cost at least $10 for 5!
    Item                sale price            total after coupon    

                                              2- lunchables         $1.00 ea.  =    $0.50  ea. 
                                  5- Coffeemate creamers   $1.79 ea.  =    $1.50  ea.
                              2-loaves of Target bread        $1.00 ea.  =    $1.00  ea.
                                            1- Kashi cereal        $3.49ea.   =    $0.49  ea.
                                   2- Kraft Mac N Cheese    $1.00 ea.  =   $0.75  ea.
                              4- Classico Spaghetti Sauce  $1.79 ea.  =    $1.29  ea.
                                                   Saved $13

I don't buy the Sunday paper.  I signed up for the free ads with my
 local paper and they also send free coupon inserts.  I also get them
from my dad and grandma as well as print some off of my website.

Sit down when the kids go to sleep and spend 30 min. or less cutting coupons
and figuring out a shopping list for the week.  I usually go every 2 weeks. 
Saves tons of money, don't go everyday!

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